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I Detective Sleuth Games: Mystery Resolved!

I had been in Mystery Manila years back. Resolving a mystery was relaxing and enjoyable together with my friends. I missed so much and I’m grateful for I Detective because they have it here in south opened last October 2018. The reason why I happy to have Escape Room here in our place because we can de stress together with your loved ones, family and friends. Nowadays, where social media and gadgets are rampant, we forget read riddles, puzzles for fun and games. Well, I Detective can provide for you. There are 5 escape rooms to choose from and there will a task or an item you need to find and this will take 45 minutes to finish. Inside each room it is like a maze and of course there’s a timer behind. At first, our team was blind folded as we enter the room then upon entering the room and removed our blind folds, we are so puzzled on how we take it from there. By the way, we are assigned at The Creepy Carnival. As the time continues, we use The Clues chips and a kit provided wisely and together we did figure out the mystery. Our adrenaline rush because of the time and we are able to train our mind from the riddles, number and letter series and a lot more. When we finish the The Premier Escape Room: The Creepy Carnival it was an achievement and teamwork was present for all of us as team. This is one of the most memorable experience because I was able enjoy without my mobile phone instead together with my blogger friends. In addition, I Detective has five exciting themed rooms: The Mysterious Castle, The Creepy Carnival, The Abandoned School, The Hidden Museum and The Cabin In The Woods. All of these Escape Room themes are original. Months of research and careful construction of all these rooms and customized imported items, such as the puzzles, movable objects and mechanisms all contribute to a totally exciting gaming experience. Visit I-Detective Sleuth Games at Festival Mall, Level 3 Expansion Wing, Alabang, Muntinlupa City. For more information and online bookings, visit their website or call 244-9558.

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She's a Filipina, outgoing person, loves to travel and bake apart from writing. She discovered her writing during her Secondary days and then flourish when she works in the Business Outsourcing Process industry for about 14 years and counting. Having struggles and challenges in life, she gave up her writing for a couple of years and been busy to her private life with family and friends. Writing as one of her first love, she headed her way back to writing through blogging last 2017. During her first year in blogging, she was a culture shock due to massive changes in times, on the other hand, she manages to go through with flying colors until now. Get to know her more through her quest on finest food and uniquely inspired recipes, events and a lot more.

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