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Plantacion Isabelle: Serene place in the south

Social media is sometimes very toxic. So last Black Saturday on a holy week vacation I decided to take a quick getaway for myself. I look for a place where I can detoxify myself to where I can distance myself from my social media platform in the meantime. As I was browsing my app. Plantacion Isabelle caught my attention because it feels the place so far from the beach or city area and it feels like a second home as I read the description I secured my reservation immediately. Finally, black Saturday came and I’m glad that my partner let me travel alone for the meantime. After the questioning before my travel. Going back, I left my place at 7 am in the morning. I also carry some cooked and baked for my travel. I traveled from Alabang bus terminal to Taal, Batangas for 2 hours. Though upon discovering I can just travel 1 hour and a half to another route. On my way there I got a bit lost though I’m not afraid to ask a question to locals so I manage to find the place. Upon my arrival, there’s a bit confused regarding the menu rates of the food. Luckily, Mrs. Fritzie Maligaya the owner of the place was able to fix it immediately because she also notices that I was traveling alone. Kapeng Barako ng Taal I took my lunch with the complimentary rice with homemade chicken breast that I made. Of course, my dessert, my homemade chocolate crinkles. Mrs. Fritzie was so accommodating and approachable so I knew the place was a year old and the place made venue for some teleserye. Further, I was able to detoxic myself from social media because there’s no wifi inside the place. Mrs. Fritzie with her husband treated me Bulalang from Taal. Somewhat similar tinola though it has a lot of healthy veggies which is a comfort food. Aside from that, Mrs. Fritzie was such a motherly figure during my stay. If have barkada with aside Glamping Kubo. They also have bigger rooms for family and friends. Further, you can also do bonfire and team builing games together. On the other hand, if you’re with your loved one you can appreciate the mini swimming pool and the cool and quiet environment. In my case, I really did appreciate away for social media for an overnight stay here in Taal, Batangas. Lastly, Mrs. Fritzie also tour me at the rooms which I saw photos together with her family on a travel abroad which knew how the travelers feels and how it goes and that makes the place unique. Oh before I forget, the place is pet friendly so can definitely bring pet along with your travel. Like and follow them:

Author: thebakerwanderers

She's a Filipina, outgoing person, loves to travel and bake apart from writing. She discovered her writing during her Secondary days and then flourish when she works in the Business Outsourcing Process industry for about 14 years and counting. Having struggles and challenges in life, she gave up her writing for a couple of years and been busy to her private life with family and friends. Writing as one of her first love, she headed her way back to writing through blogging last 2017. During her first year in blogging, she was a culture shock due to massive changes in times, on the other hand, she manages to go through with flying colors until now. Get to know her more through her quest on finest food and uniquely inspired recipes, events and a lot more.

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