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My First Pride March: The historical Metro Manila’s Pride Festival and Parade 2019

It was my first and most memorable Pride March that I had been since I accepted and love myself as part of LGBTIQA+ member. Yes, you have it right my beloved readers, I’m a proud and loud Femme and I got so lucky because I got the chance to represent myself and with my groupmate to our group named Online Unicorns PH at the Pride March last June 29, 2019, at the Marikina Sports Complex. This is the event that I can’t miss. Representing myself with a group was an honor and prestigious and on another hand, it also very challenging because I never went to any Pride March before. By the way, the theme was: Resist Together for Metro Manila’s Pride and Festival 2019. The registration process of our group from Metro Manila’s Pride online registration was a roller coaster ride and gathering and getting members into the parade was difficult due to lack of time, coordination and manpower since our group is barely new. Our group Online Unicorns PH is lucky because despite the challenges were able to push through with our group’s registration for the Parade at Metro Manila’s Pride. Lespinay Confessions: to the festivities I even got sick so I was not able to attend some of the events and community meetings of Manila’s Pride. Lucky us, we have an official volunteer at the Manila’s Pride which Japhet #JOTG, he was able to help and assist to the needs for the Parade of our group. Moving forward, from my place I traveled for 5 hours going to Marikina Sports Complex including I arrived at exactly 12noon. I took a bus and got off at Araneta Center from there I look UV express going to Marikina Sports Complex. I spend around P150 for transportation. Upon my arrival, we experience heavy rain due to typhoon Egay. We even though it was almost canceled. God is good because of the typhoon calm down for a while. LGBT Christian Church Even though my partner did not come with me. I had a few members from our group #PobrengByahero and Rolly Bells to the parade. I also to meet new friends from the LGBTQA+ Community during the festival. We are lucky because we are very near the LGBT Christian Church. There are many b/vloggers and celebrities whom I spotted in which they supported the LGBTQA+ community. I may not have enjoyed the booth due to lack of time. When the parade started we stoked because of there lots of media around the corner. The parade started past 4 pm and we got surprised because of some of the floats are parked outside and beside the Sports Center. Despite the event continues to push through. I’m surprised because of even straight women and men are also there to support the LGBTQA+ community. The volunteers from our assigned zone were friendly and approachable, we made new friends during the parade. Further, all people greeted each other Happy Pride!😍❤💛💜💚💚 In addition, upon the end of the parade, we got surprised because of the rapid growth of attendees considering it’s raining. From the project 40,000 attendees, the registered and unregistered attendees have gone up to 77,000 according to the volunteers and Manila’s Pride. Last year they have a total of 25,000 attendees only. It became historic because of supporters and co LGBT+ community. This is an annual event which happens every June and also Pride Month. I’m very lucky and grateful because I was counted on this historical event together with new found friends from the parade. Oh, after the parade together we ate together and get to know more. Next year, we hope to a more greater Pride festival and parade for our LGBTQA+ Community.

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She's a Filipina, outgoing person, loves to travel and bake apart from writing. She discovered her writing during her Secondary days and then flourish when she works in the Business Outsourcing Process industry for about 14 years and counting. Having struggles and challenges in life, she gave up her writing for a couple of years and been busy to her private life with family and friends. Writing as one of her first love, she headed her way back to writing through blogging last 2017. During her first year in blogging, she was a culture shock due to massive changes in times, on the other hand, she manages to go through with flying colors until now. Get to know her more through her quest on finest food and uniquely inspired recipes, events and a lot more.

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