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Be A Beauty-Biz Momma: Diana Stadler by Dermaline

Being a FACIAL SUPREME of 15-step therapy unique to Ms. Diana Stadler. Together with her mother Mrs. Dina Dela Paz Stadler has its strong foundation for 15 years of successful existence. Lots of competitors are imitated but never equaled. Further, their FACIAL SUPREME‘s ultimate 15-step therapy is personally delivered by the hands of our professional’s aesthetician experts specifically Ms. Diana Stadler and trained under prestigious British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (BATAC) standards. In giving back they have launched a reseller program called “Be A Beauty-Biz Momma”.

During the launch, I noticed that they have state of the art facilities and it’s also here in the south located on the 3rd floor of SM Calamba. Further, I was able to try the detailed SKIN ANALYSIS.

Their Skin Analysis was able to target the T-zone of my face so I get to know what specific products that I can to produce moisture and prevents dryness and irritation.

Not to mention, the healthy brunch being prepared to us from Gateway and SM Megamall, DS Cafe has a line of light and healthy brunch to brought us as new resellers.

Baked Salmon

Seafood Salad

Graham Cake

Chicken Potato Salad

In the afternoon, we had coffee time while introducing the “Be A Beauty-Biz Momma”. The coffee is the natural and it has collagen in it and it does not have a strong coffee feel.

So, how Be A Beauty-Biz Momma works?

1. Avail P2,500 worth of Diana Stadler on your first visit. In addition, if you have a child, they can also take advantage of this program, just make sure they have a valid ID with them. The great thing because your children can be an entrepreneur in this program.

2. Join their Product Orientation Seminar. You may contact DS for details.

3. You will automatically get a 25% discount when purchase P2,500 to P25,000. P50,000 and get 30% discount; P75,000 and get 35% discount; P100,000 and get 40% discount. In addition, when you reached P100,000 worth of DS purchased products, you will have an additional 15% rebate or equivalent to P15,000 worth of DS products or P15,000 cash.

On the other hand, if you have exceeded P15,000 from the product rebate, you should pay the exceeding amount via cash or card.

4. Discount is exclusive for members only.

5. Membership card must be presented every purchase of products.

6. Bulk orders must be placed 2-3 days before pick up.

7. Promo period starts May 12,2019 to December 31,2019.

8. The release of rebates will be extended until January 15,2019.

Mrs. Dina and Ms. Diane advocacy was to help mothers and children since the economy is very challenging nowadays.

I applaude their program because they can help a lot of mommies and children to this reselling program. Furthermore, as for me, as Furmom, I can definitely gain income while taking care of myself.

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Diana Stadler by Dermaline

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