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Greenfield Weekend Market: A Memorable Experience together with blogger friends

Greenfield Development Corporation as the most experienced in the real state developers in our country today. For 5 years, The Greenfield Weekend Market has nestled at the Greenfield-Central Park in Mandaluyong. To be honest, I have been seeing the Weekend Market way back when I was working to one of the Call Centers nearby. I’m grateful that I finally get to write about them.

You can enjoy their freebies just by posting 4 photos on Instagram and you can have the most memorable photo in a snap.

The Weekend Market usually starts at 5 pm onwards and at the entrance you get to see the colorful of Greenfield because you can take a selfie through the entrance to make it memorable with you and your friend. As for me, I tag along with some of my blogger friends from Online Unicorns PH namely Barque RA, Bogs Wong and along with Kimchi Adventures and Zeus Nacional.

As roam around the foods stall, we have a lot to choose from. First, we have a fruit stall which they offer a variety of food fruits and fruit shake if you are a healthy buff.

For a healthy option, we have Dalawang Milkmen which they offer milk yogurt for less a 100 pesos only.

If you in for a quick snack, they have stalled for sandwiches called Happy Sandwich.

K Fry is there to satisfy your Korean food cravings.

There are a lot of Milk teas in Greenfield Weekend Market and there’s one unique Milk tea that catches my eyes named 77 degrees. One of the best sellers is Thailand Milk tea which taste is distinct to my palette for an affordable price of P100 only for the big milk tea.

For seafood lovers and Italian dishes, they have it there. On the other hand, we had a take-home of Raffy’s Lechon Belly.

The Lechon Belly was crispy and salty perfect to pair with a drink or rice for dinner.

Apart from that, there’s also stall offers Vietnamese cuisines. The taste that captures is Vietnamese spring rolls because of balanced taste though there are veggies in it. How I wish that there are more veggies that could play my palette?!

On the contrary, I applaud the authenticity of Vietnamese Spring rolls since the rolls are hand made using a steamer.

The snacks with cocktails have endless variety. One of our favorites is Takoyaki and a pair of cocktail with the adjustable choice level of alcohol.

While enjoying the atmosphere there’s the acoustic band playing. Their songs are soothing to the ears and very relaxing.

I have children or childlike you can also enjoy some giant games in the GWM vicinity.

For pet lovers, surely, Greenfield Weekend Market is a pet-friendly and can bring them and make memories.

Want to know your future?!?! You can check while enjoying the acoustic band and it’s for P300.

We even enjoy our catching with nachos and cocktails that you can request.

The priceless experience we had at Greenfield Weekend Market together with my blogger friends.

Greenfield Weekend Market opens from Friday, Saturday, and Sunday starts at 5 pm.

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