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La Union: Where to Eat? Part 2

After our breakfast along NLEX, we had brunch here in Bacnotan, La Union together with LGBTQA + Digital Nomad friends. The restaurant offers an array of seafood since La Union is known for surfing.

Apart from the restaurant they also do have which there’s a band playing while you eating the scrumptious foods on the table.

As we walk we get to choose where we can eat our food either through Floating resto or to the land table.

The most reasonable price that all of us the order is platter meal for P 195 that includes iced tea. The Tilapia is good for two people plus you get to have grilled pork chop, rice, okra and tomatoes on the side.

Not to forget the free soup that comes along with the meal.

In addition, Japhet on the go ordered Paco Salad. The salad was refreshing and a bit salty to the taste. Further, it immediately burst into your mouth. This is salad is a good balance for food being served to us.

The Garlic Buttered Shrimp is very garlicky though it doesn’t excite us at all we do appreciate the shrimp is well cooked.

Lastly, Seafood Platter ordered by G&D blog. The platter was pleasing to everybody because there’s salmon, shrimp, thong and seaweed. We had all the taste of every seafood we had and we enjoy it.

Yes, also an array of fruit shakes that they offer. Here’s Barque RA’s Banana Shake, the shake was refreshing and in time for summer.

For our dinner, we also found a Food park near Flotsam and Jetsam hostel. It was a great find because as we explore the food park they have a lot to offer.

It is called Beach Bum Food park. One of the great thing for having a food park in the area. If you want to grab a quick snack, dinner and simply hanging out with family and friends well this is the right place for you in La Union.

In addition, you can also enjoy different cuisines that every stall have because they have stalled for Korean, Chinese and a lot more.

For us, we ordered barbeques, avocado, and mango shakes which perfect for summer. In addition, G&D also ordered nachos and fries, fish and chips which made us full tummy as we head back our hotels.

The next morning and our last day for our La Union trip. We had a morning breakfast near beachfront. The name of the cafe is Choka Cafe. We had a Beach Breakfast together with G&D. Their coffee was great because it comes with a goodie in which compliments while waiting for our breakfast. It was a great starter especially in the morning while hearing the waves of the sea of La Union.

Gerome ordered their Tapa with egg while I and David ordered Toasted bread & Jam with scrambled egg. The taste of tapa was sweet and satisfying knowing the price.

The ambiance of Choka Cafe was very pleasing to eyes perfect blending to the sea of La Union. In addition, their staff and the owner was very accommodating so never miss them if you’re going to La Union.

The cafe was the best place to chill out in San Juan, La Union for you and to your barkada and your family.

Lastly, never miss the carabao and Vietnam mangoes with alamang, you choose between spicy or sweet. You can buy it along with the shorelines of La Union. #JOTG bought some from the La Union locals. Both mangoes are sour and sweet at the same time especially when you dip it to alamang which I and my partner enjoy it the most.

We highly recommend carabao mangoes though some of us also recommend the Vietnam mangoes as well. With that, I would say you have to try and taste it.

Tara na sa La Union!??

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