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La Union Travel with LGBTQA + Digital Nomads Team Part 1

We’re very lucky because we became part of the La Union trip for LGBTQA+ Digital Nomads as we had our first trip for the group dedicated for the blogger and vloggers alike with the same passion for LGBTQA+ Philippine community.

Baluarte Watch Tower

In collaboration of G & D blog, Jhoice Dio, Japhet on the Go, Yacht with the cooperation of Jacq Travel and Tour. Our La Union tour last March 29 to March 31. It’s 2 days and 1-night tour around the La Union Province.

It was mixed emotion to be honest because it’s our first meet up and it’s travel feature. On the other hand, since we believe on one goal and everything will be alright so long as we have a goal is to form a group which we can represent to the Manila’s Pride and make a better person for being part of the LGBTQA+ Digital Nomads group as Gerome Bragas-Paredes of G&D blog.

Our meet up was in SM MOA as instructed by Ms. Jacq of Jacq Travel and Tours and our call time was 11 pm in the evening. Since we came from Laguna we decided to leave early home and we just arrived just in time.

Photo credit: Jhoice Dio

At first, we hesitant but along the trip, everybody got clicked for a few hours since we one van. There are 3 joiners for the trip though they quite all of to us and they also on the go to where we are going there are times we can feel we don’t like it but we fine with that so long we’re together.

After the 5-6 hours of travel, we finally arrived at La Union Province. Our destination is Namacpacan Church Luna, La Union. It was said the most historic church in La Union. In addition, the church is also known for Miracle water. We even saw a long line for the miraculous water in the church.

We also went to KAMAY NA BATO museum. The museum is similar to Art Island though the difference museum has a garden and even sell Korean products in the vicinity. Further, they have a souvenirs shop to which you can buy shirts and other stuff.

In addition, the museum itself has three rooms which have a different identity and we are able to enjoy because of it very relaxing to the eyes.

We also went to Flotsam and Jetsam Resort San Juan, La Union. It’s a hotel and resort with a restaurant as well wherein you can experience the Nightlife in ELYU from Friday to Sunday night.

Further, you can also swim in the sea from 6 am to 6 pm. The San Juan, La Union was a lot of waves and that’s the reason why La Union is the surfing capital in the north. Lastly, the sand was very clean and you lay down and relax while hearing the sounds of the sea.

We even had a morning walk along the beach and it was a great one because of me and my partner were able to talk a bit. Our day one was a great day because we are able to get to know each other.

Photo Credit: BarqueBA

After having a morning breakfast. We swim in the sea of San Juan La Union. The beach is known as Surfing Capital so there is a lot of waves. Oh, by the way, the sand was white and clean you can even lay down and see the sun.

Our next stop was The Ma- Cho Temple in San Fernando, La Union. It is a Chinese temple their patron is Our Lady of Caysasay. The intricate design of the temple was soothing and relaxing. In addition, you can also have intention using the incense for 3 sticks and kneel down either in front of the altar or the side.

To know more about Ma -Cho Temple. You may visit their website:

Our second to the last stop was Poro Lighthouse in San Fernando, La Union. The lighthouse is near the Thunderbird Hotel, a five-star hotel in La Union.

The lighthouse has its a story that the house underneath is haunted. The view was not pleasing because of its white everywhere but when you take a photo of the lighthouse itself. It is phenomenal.

Lastly, we went to Gapuz Grape Farm in Baung, La Union. Aside from having lots of grape, they have a plantation of Tobacco. We enjoy it a lot because of the fact we can harvest our own bunch of grapes before buying it. In addition, we taste two different wines: Grape wine and Blueberry wine. This is where we bought our pasalubong.

It was our first trip for being travel bloggers and vloggers together with my partner Jenny Permejo because we usually make a DIY trip specially from the south. In addition, we can know more each other as well as co-bloggers and vloggers from LGBTQA+ Philippine family.

To check more about Jacq Travel and Tours:

Jacq Travel and Tours


Jhoice Dio



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