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Seoulia Korean Restaurant Unlimited Samyupsal and Beef |An Honest Food Review

The restaurant is located at Sampaloc G/F Thomas Square EspaƱa Boulevard Corner Padre Campa Manila, Philippines 1150. It is very convenient to all the students and people.

We’re suppose to do a blog nearby on the other hand, there unexpected changes so Mikhaela and I decided to take our brunch here since it’s our way home.

The restaurant was convenient especially to the students and for people who wants to chill out since it has accessibility. Furthermore, the ambiance was very korean because facade, chairs and tables.

On the other hand, it’s my first time to dive in with Kimchi as one of their side dishes to the Sampyupsal. It was tasteful with a balance of sweet and spicy of the kimchi since though it’s not homemade. According to Mikhaela of The Kimchi Adventures the Kimchi itself was recycled. Recycled Kimchi means it was being put inside the refrigerator and put it out to serve.

The Chaphae was a great side dishes to the Sampyupsal. In addition, they have a lot of greens and it’s fresh.

There are things we noticed to the restaurant. The staff and crew was relaxed and don’t even extend assistance to transfer our food to another table. We ask for assistance on opening the stove top grill to our table though he found out that is not working. So he recommend to transfer us to another table where the stove top grill works. He just transfer the grill and that’a all. Instead we carry and transfer our food to another table without being bothered to help us at all. Lastly, they sung while saw us transferring our foods by ourselves.

For me, it affordable to have unlimited beef and pork with Samyupsal especially it is Manila. Though we’re not satisfied with the customer service that the restaurant. Aside from being too relax the assistance is a bit slow.

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